I’ll be honest, there’s a much more prominent reason for why I can’t watch Geordie Shore – other than the fact that watching chubby common girls get their fanny flaps around as many blokes as possible is slightly nauseating. And I know what I’m like after a couple shots and understand that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – hence why Iwas willing to overlook the fact that drunken slobs shovelling kebabs and ‘tashing on’ isn’t a reason to tune out; we’ve all been there honey (albeit not every weekend, well not after our teens anyway).

The real reason I can’t watch Geordie Shore is that I don’t actually like watching fit men parading around half naked;
a) It makes me jealous that my body isn’t that hot yet, and…
b) It makes me ‘depressed’ that tragic states – although they don’t seem as gross as the first series – get to pull really hot guys, abeit mind-numbingly simple.

Still, for some reason, I’m more than happy to drool over pictures of them… Hmmm, strange. He is FINE (even though he looks a bit gay) and I’m putty for accents anyway – even if I can’t understand a word they’re saying.


Not quite David Beckham, but wouldn’t say no.



The pants aren’t doing it for me, but I love the hat.


Hot body, but just WHY?!

Hot body, but just WHY?!

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