I’d seen the trailer for this flick a couple months ago, and was looking forward to it then. But I gotta say, it definitely exceeded my expectations. I was expecting ‘Pitch Perfect’ to be the biggest comedy for a while, but this was much funnier. With the same creators as ‘Knocked Up’ it was bound to be funny, but there are some serious laugh out loud moments. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are great as the ever-arguing couple that face the dilemmas of late-life pregnancy, raising young children and coping with mid-life crisis’. More than just a one-dimensional Rom Com, the film is compelling and actually realistically touching in parts. Look out for the scene where Debbie verbally abuses a young child – it’s on par with the Bridesmaid’s scene – “well you’re a little cunt!”. A hoard of extras; Megan Fox, John Lithgow (‘Third Rock from the Sun’), Jason Segal (‘How I Met Your Mother’), Melissa McCarthy (‘Bridesmaids’), Lena Dunham (‘Girls’) and Chris O’Dowd (‘The IT Crowd’) make the hysterical romp that much more enjoyable.

Highly recommended, especially if you’re on a comedown or a stoner. 4/5

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