Anna Kendrick (known for being Kirsten Stewart’s shadow in the ‘Twilight’ saga) moves into the limelight for light-hearted musical romp. Hailed as “Bridesmaids meets Ted”, I can (more accurately) tell you that it’s closer to ‘GLEE’ meets ‘Bring It On’. Even better – you’re thinking? Not necessarily. When a certain magazine dubbed this film funnier than ‘Bridesmaids’ I had pretty high expectations, that unfortunately the film didn’t meet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good film – but on a comedic scale doesn’t even come close to sidesplittingly hilarious ‘Bridesmaids’. While the romantic and competitive story lines are predictable for an American teenage flick, it’s worth seeing for the acapella talent alone. There’s a few laugh-out-loud moments, and Fat Amy is probably what makes the film such a hit – but it doesn’t live up to its hype. Watch out for familiar faces Adam DeVine (‘Workaholics’), Brittany Snow (‘Hairspray’) and a little cameo from ‘Scrubs’s Doctor Turk.


Don’t worry ‘Mean Girls’ – you’re crown is safe for now.