There hasn’t been many MAN CANDY post lately because let’s be truthful the men out there just aren’t really doing it for me at the moment. But finally something to be GLEE-ful about as Darren Criss’ shoot for People Magazine hits shelves. Dark hair, olive skin, toned bod – just what we asked Santa for. Although I’m totally jeal-ing that I’m not on a beach right now… Still enjoying the pictures is a start.

And let me tell you something about Darren Criss. Not only is he fit, with deadly lungs, he’s also got a good eye for fashion. We got to chatting at a bouji castle party just over a year ago. I’m telling him how his voice makes me melt, SCARLEH! (pronounced: “Scarlet”; that’s slang for ‘an embarrassment’) and he’s telling me how much he loves my over-sized velvet bow tie. I mean its totally fine that he was trying to pass off our flirtatious eye contact as an appreciation for my ensemble…. *rolls eyes.

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