One word. THIGHS.

Wow. These latest photos from Calvin Klein are everything and more. Sexy, slutty, sordid. They look like trashy stills from a raunchy sex tape; ’50s gigolo meets NY rent boy’. As if I hadn’t pulled enough underwear off ripped models this week, CK lets me relive it with this sexual shoot. It also reminds me of the “YOUNG, RICH AND VERY VERY SKINNY” shoot we did when C&C first came about… (which co-incidentally features Calvin Kleins too!) And isn’t in fact un-similar from the next shoot we’re doing for the new banners. Great Minds think alike, eh? Nice work Marco Ovando! Bravo.

My favourite shot. Cigarette, aviators, telephone. Just what I had in mind…

There’s a trashy similarity, right?

Although we opted for less ‘Hot-Model-Has-Steamy-Phone-Sex’ and more ‘Skinny-Socialite-Rolls-Around-In-Money’… *files nails.