Seasoned actor Brad Pitt has admitted that even he was ‘shocked’ by the amount of on-set nudity while filming his latest project Babylon.

The Google synoposis of the film reads: “Decadence, depravity, and outrageous excess lead to the rise and fall of several ambitious dreamers in 1920s Hollywood.”

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Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Pitt – who plays Jack in the film – divulged how NSFW things got during filming.

“The first day was a bit shocking, even for me. I went, ‘Wow, wow, we’re really doing this… a lot of nudity, a lot of nudity. And then, day three it was like, ‘Yeah, a lot of nudity.’ And then two weeks into it, it was just like another day at the office,”

The studio released two trailers for the film, a Nice and a Naughty trailer; no guesses for which one actually gets us excited about the film.

Babylon is out in cinemas now.