If you’re a fan of The Crown, then you’ll probably be pleased to hear that Josh O’Connor is showing off his crown jewels again.

The British actor who plays Prince Charles in the Netflix series, previously went frontal for his role in the gay romance drama God’s Own Country. And with another gay role in the pipeline where he will fall for Paul Mescal (who wouldn’t?) and another nude scene under his belt (literally), he knows how to keep his fans pleased.

These GIFs are from Mothering Sunday, a film that takes place on Mother’s Day in 1924. The film centers on Jane Fairchild, the housekeeper of Mr and Mrs Evan, who is having an affair with their neighbour’s son. Honestly, though, we’d break up an engagement for just one night with Josh O’Connor.

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Meanwhile, The Wrap calls the film, “a steamy and sensual story of memory and love as complicated by the class dynamics of the era.”

Speaking to the publication about his nude scenes, O’Connor said that filming during a pandemic is harder than filming naked, “I wouldn’t say it was any stranger being naked during COVID times than it was being clothed.”