If you – like us – have been religiously following the updates for And Just Like That… you might have heard some whispers that Miranda Hobbs – played by real-life lesbian Cynthia Nixon – is now part of the rainbow community.

The show’s first official trailer didn’t really good much away, (except that ‘some things never change but other things also do change’), we do see Miranda sat with Che Diaz (Sara Raminez) in a dimly-lit bar, which Che grinning like the cat that got Miranda’s cream.

But it’s the behind-the-scenes clips that are really giving fans insights into the next chapter’s storyline.

In this clip, posted by @CarrieBradshaw_SexAndTheCity Che, who is a non-binary podcaster and comedian, looks to be having a pretty intimate conversation with ol’ Hobbs.

While it would be great to have more queer representation in the show, if this is the case, then fans of the Miranda-Steve storyline might be disappointed.

We personally think it would be a disservice to Miranda and Steve’s relationship for them to break up (episode The One is a fave predominantly for their rekindling over Brady’s birthday cake). Although we do see in the trailer, both Miranda and Steve hugging Brady, so there’s definitely still some sense of family.