A new reality show, The Men of West Hollywood, is set for release, based on the success of that show about the Abbey.

A press release promises that viewers will get to know six of “the biggest male socialites in West Hollywood.”

Wait, what? Just because you don’t really have a job but still go out every weekend doesn’t mean you’re a socialite. You mean scene queens. Socialites play prominent roles in high society and are usually from aristocratic backgrounds.

It’s almost like they want people to make fun of it.

Look, we’re sure all of these lads are lovely, but this is just LA all over: pretending to be a someone.

However – and I hate myself for saying this, but – it does look kind of entertaining. I love trash reality TV as much as the next depressed Millenial, and this show looks fucking messy.

So while the egotism might have us eye-rolling, we think there’s enough drink-throwing and crying to make up for it.

Watch the trailer here

I also would like to see a reality show that combined south London gay with WeHo gays, ’cause the second drinks get thrown, so do hands.

The cast is comprised of Murray Swanby (whom you may recognise as a model for Andrew Christian), Justin Jedlica (the Human Ken Doll, who now advises on cosmetic surgery), Landon Wetterstrom (straight entrepreneur), Darren Tieste (celebrity photographer who boasts to earn $10k a day), David Barta (personal trainer) and Brennen Taylor (YouTuber).

Needless to say, reactions to the show were mixed. “Why cant we ever have a wide variety of representation and have a show about the real struggles of the gay community?” asked Jason on Facebook.

“Yep, just what the world needs to see… pretentious, entitled, ageist, stereotypical poser-gays! …I LOVE ME WHO DO YOU LOVE.?!?!?”

The (shit)show will be released on Jan, 20 on Crackle. So it looks like UK viewers won’t get to indulge in the endless drama, as it’s a US-specific streaming service.