The rumours on the Just Like That… set are that one of the main characters has been given the chop.

Updates from the Sex And The City reboot have been popping up all over social media, as the returning actresses reprise their roles wearing couture along the streets of Manhattan.

It’s been reported that the girls – who are often seen wearing colourful outfits – were spotted all in black and “looking sombre”. It’s believed that the death will be of a main character (they wouldn’t kill off a new actress so soon after her introduction), nor would they film an entire funeral scene for a more minor role.

As we know, Kim Cattrall will not be returning to reprise Samantha Jones, and so there’s a good chance that it’s her.

Here’s our depiction of how Sarah Jessica Parker might handle Samantha Jones funeral:

(And yeah there’s parts 2 and 3)

But, it could also be Big. Some fans think that his death will allow Carrie to have new storylines, one’s that include moving on as a widow, and dating with grief.

What do you think?