The great thing about working at C&C Towers is that the cock-tales are frequently unearthed incidents that we blinked-and-missed the first time around.

Thankfully, though, there’s always someone out there with a keener eye.

Back in 2010, Alex Reid shot to fame after a highly-publicized relationship with Katie Price. The Pricey known for her selection of exhibitionist lovers (Leandro, Kris Boyson, and Keiran Hayler).

Reid then enjoyed a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, where he surprisingly won. Although if moments like these were known by audiences, we’re not surprised they wanted to keep him in as long as possible.

Reid also made headlines when he was photographed in women’s clothes as his alter-ego Roxanne, and when he admitted to trying “everything” sexually, including sex with men and escorts.

While we’re on this wank down memory lane, here’s some other snaps of Reid:

Alex Reid: Only 5 per cent of people I slept with were men – The Sun
Alex Reid on Twitter: "Dropped from 98kg to 84kg Thanks to @ARMMABJJ  @londonshoot"

Reid was sentenced to eight weeks in jail last week for an insurance scam.

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