It goes without saying that this summer we are attending every single party that crosses our path! Every. single. one. And The Big Gay Weekender is at the top of our list!

TBGW is an explosion of campery and 00s pop nostalgia with a gorgeous back-drop of Barcelona, meaning it doubles as both a party and a holiday. And Lord knows after this past year we need both!

Confirmed acts so far include Venga Boys, S Club, Liberty X and Amelia Lily… (we did say 90s nostalgia!) and us! Although we’re not really an “act”; unless you can call our dance moves a talent (you can not).

And we’re super excited to announce the opportunity to give two of our readers the chance to join the fun with VIP packages that include accommodation! All you have to do is sign up below:


Then comment tag 3 friends on our post below, and give The Big Gay Weekender a follow on Instagram. The winner will be announced next Friday at 6pm on our account.

And hey, there’s no way you won’t be able to “accom” – it’s free! 😉