Cocktails & Cocktalk readers can get 20% off any purchase from newly-established, UK-based underwear haven, JOCKBOX

Now that the country is gradually starting to open up like a leather daddy in the Yumbo Centre (*memories*), we can finally start thinking about solely wearing underwear outside of the house, too. 

Twitter: @jockbox_

Luckily, a brand new one-stop-shop for all things jocks has just opened up for all our cocks and it’s called JOCKBOX; two of our favourite words merged into one, so we’re already sold, ngl. Just take our self-employment grants already… 

The Manchester-based company, which was founded just last month (March 2021), says that “underwear allows us to express our inner sexuality in ways that simply can’t be done through general clothing.” 

And some underwear allows us to get DP’d without ever having to take it off.

So there’s that.

Twitter: @jockbox_

JOCKBOX are currently working with Sukrew, MarcoMarco, TOF Paris and Andrew Christian. The company also told Cocktails & Cocktalk that it also has its own line of underwear in production, too.

As the company’s still in its foundations, it’s currently running weekly competitions for newsletter subscribers (inc. £75 of undies!) – so this is a good opportunity to try and get your hands on some freebies ahead of summer. 

For a guaranteed win, be sure to use the code COCKTAILS20 when shopping on JOCKBOX Underwear to get 20% off – we can’t have our loyal readers wearing actual clothes this summer. You’re welcome. 

Free UK delivery on orders over £30 and orders are packaged in plain, discreet mailer bags.