It’s A Sin is channel 4’s most-streamed series ever. And rightly, so!

Any show that can make you weep like that while educating you on important queer history deserves it.

Attitude writes: “According to the broadcaster, the series has already had 6.5 million views on All 4, making it the streaming service’s biggest ever instant box set, third biggest series to date and most-binged new series ever.

Episode one has also become All 4’s most popular drama launch on record.”

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In fact, it recorded nearly double the number of streams since January last year. now if that’s not the power of the gays, honey.

Ian Katz, Chief Content Officer commented: “The extraordinary performance of It’s a Sin is a reminder that powerful drama with something important to say about the world can also be commercially successful.”

Well, powerful dramas were never really doubted; we think the more prominent point is that you can have gay actors playing gay characters and have it generate just as much interest as the hetero norm.

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In the words of trans model Arisce Wanzer, “people are bored of hearing the same [traditional] stories”. And she’s right… even straight people themselves want something new.

Wanzer was specifically referencing race, in terms of the success of Black Panther, but her quotes are applicable to other minority groups too.