Melania Trump has outdone herself with the fucking Christmas decorations this year, with a funeral-inspired festive get-up.

Last year, Melania famously decorated the White House with red Christmas trees, a choice that many said was reflective of the clothes the women slaves are made to wear in Handmaid’s Tale. (If we were an A-level media student that wanted to decode this further, we’d suggest that she was expressing her own entrapment).

This year, after a voice recording of the First Lady detailing how much she hates doing the Christmas decorations went viral, she’s opted for funeral urns.

Now, we’ve watched enough YouTube documentaries on Melania to know that she rarely does anything by accident. And this was certainly no accident.

Whether she’s marking the death of her marriage (and subsequent forthcoming divorce), the end of her husband’s presidency or just really channeling her ultimate Grinch, we can’t wait to truly find out when she does her inevitable interview with 60-minutes.