This week, Drag Race UK Brit Crew members Tom Scanlon and AJ Bediako appeared on the Cocktails and Confessions podcast, where AJ hinted that some of the other members may have hooked up.

“So while we’re on the topic of OnlyFans and all of this,” began host Anthony Gilét, “what I wanna know is, who out of the Brit Crew has banged?”

There’s a moment of silence, before AJ admits “I can honestly say, I’ve never had sex with any of the other Brit Crew”, to which Tom agrees.

“That is not for me, to talk about”, AJ adds.

“Oh wait, that sounds like you know something…” pries Gilét. And which point, AJ repeats, “that is not for me to talk about”, and subsequently all the hosts burst out laughing.

“You can’t see my face right now, but I am shocked,” says Tom.

Pictured above, from left are: Matt, Tom, Archie, Niko, Mitch and AJ, while other member Ashraf wasn’t present for this shoot.