Drag Race UK alum Scarlett Harlett may be another one of Ru’s girls who is making the jump to OnlyFans. The drag queen took to his X platform to post some underwear snaps along with a defiant message about the Tories “taking expendable income”.

Initially, Harlett asked “where’s all my daddies and pay pigs at? there’s nothing more motivating and humbling than the cost of living to inspire you to start getting your cock out for the lads”, alongside a photo of him bursting out of his briefs.

Along with a follow-up tweet stating, “sorry to the RPDR fans that are unfollowing me cause you just wanted innocent drag content, but don’t hate the player hate the tories for taking your expendable income and affectively killing live events so drag queens like me have to hustle any way we can”.

Although Harlett has an existing OF link already, it seems it’s currently free and there’s been no content posted.