The epic Euphoria drew to an intense and emotional close this Sunday, with many fans left with a few questions. Personally, we thought it was going to be a tad more explosive, but nevertheless, we were still left in awe at how the cast executed their final moments of the season.

Jacob Elordi, especially, put in a memorable performance – and not just because he was mostly naked throughout. The simmering tension between Nate and his dad came to a boil this episode, and it was then that Elordi demonstrated his breadth as an actor; transitioning seamlessly from a lost teenage boy that we couldn’t help sympathise with, to an unstable and violent delinquent. We genuinely went from tearing up to feeling unsettled and uneasy.

But that is part of what Euphoria does so well; takes you to moments that make you feel uncomfortable and tense, but without pushing you over the edge; which is actually quite a difficult recipe to master.

That being said, they also know how to pen a decent nude scene…

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