It was Marie Antionette who reportedly said: “Let them eat cake!” and had Corey Watts been in the room, they’d have been feasting for years.

The 27-year-old hair colourist from the Valleys moved to the Big Smoke, and like many millennials are, is making his bag moonlighting as a cam model. We sat down with him, to discuss his private shows, natural bedroom talents and sex work stigma.

What can our readers expect from your OnlyFans? 

To have their expectations exceeded. I really enjoy getting feedback from my subscribers on what kind of content they’d like to see, and cater to them. So if there’s something they wanna see that they haven’t already, I’m keen to hear how I could improve my content to suit a wider spectrum of people. I’ve loved exploring the world of sex, and since I started I’ve enjoyed trying new things. I’m a crowd pleaser!

What’s been your “best” piece of content according to the response from your fans?

My subscribers seem to love my bottoming content, I’ve had some great feedback on these kinds of videos. And I love that they enjoy seeing me do what I enjoy most 😉

Is there anything you’d NEVER do? 

I’m careful to respect my own boundaries when it comes to creating content but I  cater to many fetishes, I’m very open-minded and have a very sex-positive mindset, but I have my limits. I would never create content that I might not feel comfortable with later on.

What drives you crazy? 

Big chests, thicker guys and a natural masculine smell. These are a [just a] few of my favourite things. A top who enjoys pleasing his bottom is worth his weight in Liquid Gold™️. I love exploring the fetish world and it’s definitely taught me a lot about my self as a sexual human being, my unexplored desires and fantasies.

Do you classify what you do as sex work? And what do we need to do as a society to overcome the stigmas that surround it?

Yes, I absolutely do consider it sex work. Initially, this made me feel slightly apprehensive about my decision to start an OnlyFans. As time went on, and I’d gained some experience in creating this sort of content, I realised that my unease with it was not my own personal conflict but more about how society sees and treats sex workers. I have learned to separate my own personal feelings about what we as performers do, from the opinions of [some] people’s negative and often misguided ideas of what it means to be in this industry. As a society, I think we should stop demonising sex workers & porn performers, be more open about our own sexuality, explore it and feel free to express it. ‘Slut-shaming’ in 2019? Let us not.

Tell us something nobody knows about you 

This is a hard one, giving my nightmarish habit of oversharing with anyone in earshot while intoxicated.

And what advice would you give to your younger self?

To not worry about what people think and focus more on myself rather than those opinions of others.

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