Listen, queens!

If part of your daily routine consists of power-mincing from your work’s local Starbucks to your desk (iced coffee in hand, obvs), then we’ve got some good news; a new study suggests you’re gonna live longer.

The University of Leeds spoke to 474,919 people in the UK and found that those who walked faster would live on average 15 – 20 years longer than those who walked a leisurely pace. Men, on average, lived to 86-years-old, 20 years longer than those who didn’t strut the pavement like it was a Parisian runway. While women lived 15 years longer to just over 87.

“Our findings could help clarify the relative importance of physical fitness compared to body weight on life expectancy of individuals,” lead researchers and professor Tom Yates said. “In other words, the findings suggest that perhaps physical fitness is a better indicator of life expectancy than body mass index (BMI), and that encouraging the population to engage in brisk walking may add years to their lives.”

Great! Now all we need to know if that idle gossip makes your hair grow and we’ll be unstoppable.