Ryan Phillippe is speaking out about that nude scene in Cruel Intentions. The iconic moment, which sees Phillippe drop his towel in front of Reese Witherspoon was a defining moment for sexual awakenings amongst gay men (just see our round-up here).

Turns out Phillippe is fully aware of the impact his tight buns had on us, telling Entertainment Weekly:

“I felt okay with [showing] my butt. Everybody has a butt, it’s really not that graphic. So many guys on Twitter are like, ‘That’s the moment I knew I was gay,’ and there have been guys like, ‘I behaved like Sebastian to get laid!’ Which I never did.”

I was literally both of those guys. I actually had a notebook which said “Be more like Sebastian”, because I desperately envied his confidence. Although, subconsciously was stroking myself like he does that tennis racket.

And Phillippe is true to his word: he definitely has no problem showing off his ass-ets.

If you’re Gen-Z and haven’t seen the film, my fuck what are you doing with your life? Watch it now, then @ me.

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