Heartthrob Ryan Phillippe is turning 44 today, and we can all agree, he’s never looked better. We’re celebrating with a collection of GIFs that get us hot under the collar, from his role as the iconic womaniser Sebastian in Cruel Intentions to a sexually confused hunk Shane in 54.

After finding out that Phillippe missed out on a role in Brokeback Mountain (which would’ve seen him having gay sex in a tent), we’re not too mad anymore, as turns out, he’s had a fairly homoerotic movie career as it is.

Abs so tight they deserve a round of applause:
When he got a little tipsy, and his gay side came out to play with Breckin Meyer:
Like, really, out to play:
Or when he went skinny dipping:
And this extremely sexual of a tennis racket:

Becoming the Santa whos only sack we wanna emptied:

Image result for ryan phillippe santa gif

When he said those two words we all wanted to hear:
Watching him get ready for bed…
…And then showing off the moves he has when the lights are out:
That time he got his white briefs, very, very wet:
That time he thought he heard something in the shower, but it was just us creepin:

When spoke like a true power top:
Image result for ryan phillippe hot gif
Casually stepping out of bed without a thread:
And that his booty only got better over time:
That brooding, don’t-fucking-wind-me-up, face:
Or, even better, his sex face: