Being single is like being a Gemini: two totally different sides to it. There’s the side where you’re turning up in the club, kissing strangers, and sampling the penile delicacies of wherever thou goes, and the side where you’ve snacked ’til your bloated and sat on your depressed ass for 18 hours watching clips of Ted Bundy.

In a bid to further understand relationships, dating and men in general, we asked 784 of our readers about their attitudes toward their relationship status, and what it is you actually want. Well, it turns out that at least 12% of you have no idea.

This is relevant because when people don’t know what they want (or who they are), they convey mixed signals; something which has never been used as sturdy foundations for a successful relationship. To add to that, if someone is unsure about wanting a relationship, they’re probably not ready for one.

Meanwhile, only 5% reported being happy with their single status and actively looking for fun. So it sounds like the verdict is out: being single sucks. After all, there’s only so much anonymous sex you can have without feeling like a battered old harlot.

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Alternatively, a boyfriend/love was the most popular answer with 52%! Offering a glimmer of hope for traditional gays looking for something serious and monogamous.

Coming in second, 24% of you were looking for something casual but with an air of familiarity when you voted for either a friend with benefits, or a fuck buddy. While just 7% were actively seeking an open relationship.

So perhaps throuples aren’t as emergent as it seems, perhaps less men are seeking some slap and tickle than it appears, and perhaps we have a better chance at falling in love than it sometimes feels.

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