As even more of the gay community move onto OnlyFans as a form of making money, and the platform receives coverage from the NY Times and SNL, we wanted to know how our readers viewed the platform and those that use it.

In a survey of 1,159 people, we asked if you’d date someone that used OnlyFans.

While 42% of readers said that they wouldn’t date someone that did, they admit that they would have sex with them. (Because who doesn’t enjoy the novelty of fucking someone with status?). While 19% outright said they wouldn’t feel comfortable.

On the juxtaposition, 39% said they would date someone with an OnlyFans: with 10% of those subconsciously hoping they could change their career or that they would give it up for the relationship. And the remaining unphased by their profession.

There’s a number of suggested reasons for these findings: perhaps some of us still hold traditional ideals that see us struggle to see sexualised men as long-term or serious partners. Then, of course, there’s the obvious jealousy; many of us can’t emotionally or mentally cope with our man performing sexually for anyone other than ourself.

[Image: Fashionably Male]