Grindr has taken a leaf out of Spotify’s book and presented their “unwrapped” stats for 2022; obviously the term ‘unwrapped’ could mean a very different thing for the former.

Sadly, Grindr won’t be reminding you on the hot (or not hot) guys you hooked up with this year, but rather some generalised information about their users.

The countries with the highest percentage of tops starts with Bolivia, followed by the USA, South Korea, Greece and India.

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Those with the most bottoms can be found in Denmark, Japan, Serbia, South Africa and Peru.

If you’re looking for a flip-fuck then you’ll find the most versatile users in Russia, Finland, Croatia, Germany and Taiwan.

Sides can head to China, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia and Singapore for their fill… so to speak, anyway.

Cities using the app the most are Washington, DC and Paris, while you’ll find the most guys online at 9pm, apparently.