It’s often thought that Italy is one of the romantic cities in the world, which explains by naive gay boys keep falling in love in them, in Luca Guadagnino tales.

Following his stellar Call Me By Your Name, Guadagnino returns to Italy for another story of gay love in an 8-episode mini-series he’s developing for HBO, called We Are Who We Are. Not to be confused with the Ke$ha song.

Following two teenagers, Fraser and Caitlyn, who befriend each other on the army base where their families reside, most believe the pair are a couple. But Fraser is… well… HE’S QUEER DEAR. Fraser is actually missing his ‘friend’ from home, Mark, while also developing an innocent romantic connection with an older soldier named Jason.

Sounds like Fraser’s got his fingers in a few pies.

Filming begins in May and runs through til October so it’s likely to air in 2020. Between Guadagnino’s mind and HBO’s nudity reputation we can’t wait to see the final outcome.

After that infamous peach scene, we’re curious to see what the lads of the Italian army put their dicks in!