Sex Education has been a breakout hit for Netflix, who released the show earlier this year.

And with Gillian Anderson as a sex therapist and a hoard of horny teens, what’s not to love? While shows definitely represents some of the awkwardness we experienced as pubescent teenagers, the show was more sexual to watch than our entire school experience. Here’s some things Sex Education had, that we didn’t…

  1. Gay kisses

Some kids were lucky enough to get sent to boarding school, and have teen fuckfests when the lights go out, but a public school in south London? No ma’am. You couldn’t even have a high-pitched voice without getting happy slapped.

2. Boy boners

Other than our own, of course…

3. Boys flashing the entire school

The only dick we saw in school, was in the changing room, and you don’t think we had to look hard enough for it. As Adam gets his banana out in the lunch hall, these kids were given it on a plate – literally.

4. Um, yeah we’re still kinda on the previous point

5. Having your parents walk-in on you

We’re not sure what kind of households these kids grow up in, where parents don’t KNOCK. But thankfully, we were never caught in the throws of passion of bashing the bishop.

6. A smoking hot swim team

You know a school is fucking posh if they have a swim team. Or even a swimming pool for that matter. We had to take the bus to ours.

7. Steamy Changing Rooms 

The showers in our locker room weren’t even functioning, which was great for the anxiety produced by body dysmorphia, but terrible for our sexual curiosity.

8. Picture-Perfect Masturbation

Oh, there was definitely a lot of masturbation going on, but we don’t think as a pimply brace-faced teen, we ever looked this porn-tastic doing it.

9. Actual sex

While sex is in high school is certainly more prevalent amongst straight people, shows like Riverdale would suggest the gays got bangs too. We didn’t.

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