Over the weekend, singer Shawn Mendes was announced as the new face of Calvin Klein underwear.

Much to the delight of teenage girls and gays around the world, spurring an apocalypse of memes and breaking a record for the most liked photo on Instagram. How? Well, you can beat an egg, but you can’t beat Shawn Mendes in white boxer briefs.

It was a smart decision for Klein to pull Mendes into their Hall of Fame of world’s sexiest superstars, following Justin Bieber and Jamie Dornan. What next? Nick Jonas and Gus Kenworthy in CK jockstraps? Why not.

Although we’re not entirely sold on the ‘poorly decorated crack den’ vibe, Mendes is his underwear is probably enough of a distraction for most.

Mendes has a huge fandom, and the thirsty re-posts and edits alone will ensure the longevity of Klein’s latest campaign. Although – and we feel like a diva for saying so – but we wanted¬†more.¬†