Two men had their plan of dealing drugs to a cruise ship full of gay men foiled by… themselves.

The men – both of whom work for the government – basically grassed themselves up to the authorities when they emailed each other their plan to smuggle a suitcase full of gear and distribute it to a bunch of circuit queens, from their work computers.

Which as workplace fuck-ups go, is pretty up there. Like, surely you’ve got to be off your nut already to be that stupid?

Miami news source Local 10 reports:

According to an arrest report, a Homeland Security special agent intercepted emails from Peter Melendez, 35, who is a government contractor, and Robert Koehler, 27, discussing their strategy to smuggle the drugs onto the ship and distribute the drugs to people once they were on board.

As they boarded the Atlantis Cruise, a sniffer dog made police aware of the stash, which included 27 grams of MDMA, 18 grams of ket and 246ml of G. Which we’re sure they just disposed of and didn’t have their own chemsex party with.

Melendez was charged with conspiracy to traffic in illegal drugs and trafficking in illegal drugs; Koehler was charged with trafficking illegal drugs.

Atlantis Cruises made headlines last year when two circuit queens broke out into a bitch-fight, and the year before when a known gay TV presenter Joel Taylor died onboard.