The thought of being surrounded by thousands of hard-bodied beefcakes may sound like the dream to some, but it didn’t seem so heavenly when a fight broke out at a recent circuit party for XLSIOR festival, which sees parties around Mykonos for a week-long festival.

The event is advertised as where the “crème de la crème” of gays congregate. And we’re gonna assume someone was lactose intolerant as a pair of queens begin a slapping match as the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman remixes in the background. You’d have thought with all of those muscles they’d be able to do more than pull hair like a couple of hoop-earring skets from Downham.

As the crowd tries to break the pair apart, an aggressive gay in red shorts then decides he wants a fight with everybody. Maybe he was down to his last bump, that always brings out the worst in people.

Though one onlooker states there was “overcrowding” and “aggressive security”.

Gepostet von Ryan Work am Montag, 27. August 2018


And they say staying awake for days on a cocktail of drugs isn’t good for you… *shrug*