Yes, even in 2018, and even with discriminatory tales like this going viral all the time, staff at gay venues are still struggling to deal with their own kind respectfully.

Jason, a 26-year-old trans man was booted out of Sailors (formerly Chariots in Shoreditch) for not having transitioned on the bottom half. “If you had tits and a dick, it’d be fine,” Jason was informed by a member of staff as he was asked to leave while chilling in the hot tub.

Clearly handled with the utmost delicacy. But also, said as if all gay men want is a cock. There are tops looking for fit blokes with tight asses and have no preoccupation with the D whatsoever.

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Jason did have a GRC (Gender Recognition Certificate) confirming he was male, but was still asked to leave the venue. Jason claims he was “humiliated”, and that the sauna’s website had no information regarding trans patrons.

A spokesman for Sailor’s confirmed the incident but wasn’t sure if admitting a trans man who hadn’t fully transition violated their ‘male-only’ license agreement. The local government has since confirmed that allowing trans men who have not undergone genital surgery doesn’t violate the spa’s city permits.

But as the rules of gender-only venues get put under the microscope, the incident has opened up a further debate.

“How many of us can honestly and truthfully say we would not be uncomfortable with a transgender male who still had a vagina in a male only spa or bathhouse?” writes on user on Queerty’s comments.

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“And you could pass by him like you would any other person who you found unattractive”, another commenter diplomatically responded.

“I totally wouldn’t be. I’m honest enough to say it. Bathhouses are where I go to see men; not women”, replied another.

While we rather like this response:

“Like it or not, the times are changing. They are ALWAYS changing. Not many decades ago, Blacks weren’t welcomed into white golf courses, gays weren’t welcome to teach in schools, and women weren’t welcome to vote in important matters.

The bathhouse is billed as being for men who like men… not for people with penises who like people with penises.”

And while the sauna is sold as a “male-only” sex fest, the increase of trans visibility means that venues need to upkeep with the times, especially as there are no trans-only venues. But when you consider the majority of the clientele that frequent saunas, we imagine there would be a backlash.

It’s important to keep in mind that trans men have the mindset of a man, and not a straight female. We can all vouch how difficult it is being gay, (even those with the easiest and most accepting upbringings has to face discrimination and living as a minority at some point). So we should be compassionate for trans people who have far rockier road than us.

As it is said: Trans rights should come before heterosexual (in this case homosexual) comfort.