The in-flight entertainment has really taken an unpredicted turn. In fact, the movies selection is so dry-ass, passengers can alternatively opt for sexting their pilot.

That’s what one Grindr using is claiming, saying that he recieved a message on the app mid-flight from his pilot. Wait, is that why it’s called a cock-pit? Either way, shouldn’t your eye be on the clouds?!

JP Thorn – a passenger on Delta Airways – posted a screenshot of the initial exchange to Twitter, where it went viral:

He later told The New York Post:

“The message read ‘I see you’re on my flight. Enjoy the ride to Chicago.’ My reaction was I knew I needed to get off this plane as fast as I can. I’ve had some weird experiences with proximity stuff on Grindr. He asked me about our flight, how it was on the way, and [the conversation] was really standard. I said there was no turbulence, then he made a joke about turbulence. I meet up with people all the time from Grindr. I think I totally would have met him for coffee.”

Are we the only ones who wanted to hear his awful joke about turbulence?

Delta Airways recently made the news, when a member of their staff got caught having sex in the toilets with gay porn star Austin Wolfe.

[H/t: Instinct]