American villain Donald Trump may have been preoccupied fighting off heroes like Stormy Daniels and Dr. Ford, but he’s still managed to take the time to attack the LGBT community again.

According to the NY Times, Trump plans to redefine the word ‘gender’ to write trans people out of their civil rights, proving there really is no bounds to the evil that exists in this man.

While the Obama administration had recognised that the term ‘gender’ is largely self-determined, protecting trans people with gender discrimination laws. But Trump’s admin would redefine this as “biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.”

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We honestly can’t believe we’re really here. Witness the human rights of people be snatched from their hands just because they are different. 

It’s absolutely terrifying that scare tactics can make religious nuts fear the safety of children around trans people, (with no statistics as reasoning), but willingly send them to church, a place built on crooked Catholicism that houses hundreds of thousands of scandals, many of which involve children.

“This proposal is an attempt to put heartless restraints on the lives of 2 million people, effectively abandoning our right to equal access to health care, to housing, to education, or to fair treatment under the law,” Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, said.

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The Department of Health and Human Services is behind the argued ruling, writing in a draft memo: “The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.”

Keisling spoke out to the trans people of America, saying: “I know you are frightened. I know you are horrified to see your existence treated in such an inhumane and flippant manner.”

“What this administration is trying to do is an abomination, a reckless attack on your life and mine. But this administration is also staffed by inexperienced amateurs overplaying their hand by taking extreme positions that ignore law, medicine, and basic human decency.”

“Transgender people have fought rules like this one in federal and state court and won. We have stood toe-to-toe with administrators, legislatures, and executives who would agree with this rule and yet we won,” she added.

“If this administration is hoping to demoralize us, they will be disappointed. If they are hoping we will give up, they should reconsider the power of our persistence and our fury.”