Back in the 80s, Ginger Moss (who despite her name, is not a drag queen) felt a sense of comfort marching for equality; seeing something in the other lesbians and queer people that she recognized in herself.

Moss recalls the horrendous AIDs outbreak that saw thousands of gay men die because they did not have the HIV support that we have today.

“We had no allies back then. Everybody hated us,” Ginger emotionally details. “Once Trump got in… It just brought all that back up.”

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Moss goes on to highlight a ‘disconnect’ within the LGBTQ community, especially when it comes to supporting our trans sisters of colour, most of whom don’t live over 35. Which perhaps something that rings true for too many of us; we as a community, need to stand stronger, together.

But even though Ginger was the one of her generation that fought for our rights, she says that she’s hopefully for the cultural change being brought about by today’s children.

Thanks BuzzFeed for helping us cry before we’ve had our morning coffee!