This weekend, Lindsay Lohan went viral again; although it wasn’t for her… unique… dance moves. Lohan, who has become an increasing fan of live streaming on Instagram recorded herself chasing down a homeless family in Moscow and accusing them of child-trafficking.

Lohan can be seen following the parents and their children, rambling in an odd Middle-Eastern accent, “They’re a Syrian refugee family that I’m really worried about. They really need help.” But when the family continues to walk and ignore her erratic slurs. Which also featured such powerful political gems as:

“They’re ruining Arabic culture” and “Don’t fuck with Pakistan.” Before attempting to GRAB the boy and telling him to come with her. Lindsay finally gets a response which involves the mother decking her in the gob, leaving fire-crotch on the floor whailing.

HONESTLY. As much as this is relatively disturbing, it’s also the most entertaining piece of footage we’ve seen in a WHILE.

“This is how you throw a punch in Moscow, Bitch!”

(Around the 6.20 min mark, the family decided to start walking, and around 9.15, Lindsay attempts to grab the child’s hand).