Lindsay Lohan knows her market like the inside of her medicine cabinet, hence why her new single Xanax is already a hit with trashy gays and aspirational teenage brats.

However, Xanax is more than just a laid back pop track, it’s a middle finger to anyone who finds Li-Lo on the mic laughable. Why? Because it’s actually good. Definitely not as good as it could’ve been, but it’s good. But that’s what happens when you go to the studio on Xanax.

“I try, to stay away from you but you get me high”, Lohan soothly sings on the second verse, which is undoubtedly the selling point of the track; low-key hate the chorus; find that “social anxiety” hook jarring. If it was heavier on the beat and the background melodies/vocals and the chorus wasn’t on the same note as the rest of the track… but hey, I’m no Lucian Panini.

Got no idea wtf is going on for the video, Lindsay posted the full song on her Instagram with what looks to be a compilation of whatever is in her iPhone. She also tagged ALMA, who is nowhere to be heard on the track.

Still, the songs good enough for Lohan to focus more energy here than running a business. Unless it’s selling Xanax.