Tradesmen these days… they’ll do what they need for the extra buck.

A British plumber has pleaded guilty to blackmailing a married man for £5000 after they hooked up down a country lane, and he threatened to post the video online. Benjamin Muskett, 31, who is also a father of two, hatched his “vicious” plan after a stay in hospital when another patient gave him the idea to extort gay men. Was this psychiatric hospital by any chance?

Muskett then used a website to prey on ‘Mr. X’ – whose identity is being protected at the moment – before meeting up in Cheshire on 2nd September 2018.

“An arrangement was made whereby the complainant, Mr. X, traveled to Sandbach and met in the car park of Co-op. He met the defendant who had given his name as Lee,” informed prosecutor Peter Hussey.

“The defendant got into Mr. X’s vehicle and after a discussion, they agreed to travel out to a country lane.” Obvs. Where else do you go for a discreet Suburban dick suck?

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They parked the car, where Mr. X gave Muskett a blowjob. After parting ways, the plumber hit up Mr. X on the same website, this time demanding five grand in cash. If he didn’t, Muskett would upload a video of their encounter to the website.

“Mr. X was particularly concerned about that as the defendant had been holding a mobile phone,” informs Hussey. Although Mr. X denies actually filming the blowie, and no video evidence was found.

Prosecution suggests Muskett conducted the plan because of his aversion of to gay people, while the defense said it was motivated by nothing more than money, which Mr. X claims he needed to provide for his girlfriend and family.

Is this really the socioeconomic crisis we’re in? Straight men seducing other straight men to put bread on the table… dang.

Judge Berkson said: “This crime was particularly vicious because it was planned and deliberate. You set up a profile on that website in order to carry out this crime.”