Therapy these days is so expensive, yet so needed.

Although we’ve often felt a lot less like our life was falling apart just by watching an episode of Drag Race. It’s light-hearted and uplifting, but RuPaul’s astute life advice that actually makes us pause and reflect, is worth every minute. As he says himself: “bitches pay good money for this shit”.

So it really only makes sense that the cheques be addressed to Ru. A compilation of sassy and clever tit-bits from RuPaul make up this enjoyable hardcover Guru, from Sphere publishers, accompanied by glossy portrait shots of Ru himself. Throwing you a lifeline for everything from being a diplomatic businesswoman to taking care of your wigs. Here are a few of our faves:

“Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back”

“I learned early on that if I was embarrassed by something, it was definitely something I needed to do. I needed to challenge myself in every single way I possibly could and take it as far as I possibly could. But you have to walk those hard yards. You have to do it to get to the other side: there is no way around it. Challenge yourself to the limits of your fears.”

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“People are looking to fill that void with some outside source, but that empty feeling can only be filled from within”

“On social media I get a lot of people writing to me saying, “Why won’t you notice me?” I wanna write them back and say, “Me noticing you will never satisfy your deep craving unless you notice you first.” But I won’t writ that, because most people cannot really hear that simple truth. What people are subconsciously asking if for proof that they actually exist. We all want validation, proof of life, but it must come from you. From the inside out, rather than the outside in.”

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“When the going gets tough, the tough reinvent themselves”

“Transformation, adaptability, alchemy and the re-creating of self are the words I live by. Birth and death and rebirth are constant themes in life. Staying flexible, both figuratively and literally, is what being vital is all about. Seeing myself from outside myself helps. My morning meditation helps with that. We are all constantly changing, but few are willing to embrace those changes. The crucifixion in the first act is meaningless without the resurrection in the second act.”

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“Your body is a temple. Serve it and it will serve you well.”

Never save bath bombs for later. Never wait for a special occasion to light candles. Don’t wait to book a massage. Treat yourself to a spa day. Get yourself a colonic immediately. Now is the time.

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“Always be camera-ready”

“I think that the concept of arriving camera-ready is a great metaphor for life. It means that you came to play, seriously. That you made a deliberate effort to suit up and show up for life and everything it has to offer. When you show effort, life will reflect that and give it back to you.”

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And of course, there’s one RuPaul mantra we renounce every day in the mirror: “Remember who the fuck you are”.

Guru by RuPaul will be published by Sphere on 25th October (£12.99).