American Horror Story returned to our screens this week with an ominous Apocalypse theme. And while we were happy to welcome back beloved cast members such as Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates (as evil post-world dictators), there was one returning star we were even happier to see: Evan Peter’s ass.

Peter’s ass has made an appearance a number of times throughout Ryan Murphy’s anthology, including Coven and Asylum, so we’re hoping the pilot of season 8 was just a premonition of more to come.

Peters recently revealed that he has his peen out “all the time” on the set of the show.


Flesh aside – we were given a promising first episode, which although progressed a little slowly set-up the scene for an intriguing season.

Almost the entire population has been wiped out by a nuclear missile, apart from a select few elites who paid $100 million to be saved and those with specific genetic mutations that interest the cooperation that arranged it. Kept in an underground bunker, ran by Paulson and Bates, the survivors are part of something far darker going on.

We can’t wait to see how Murphy incorporates the two previous AHS themes!