They represent what many millennials would define as ‘relationship goals‘, and when Zander Hodgson and his model boyfriend Troy Pes are constantly travelling the world in their underwear, we can see why.

Last month, the pair posed for Attitude magazine to talk about being in a relationship that they portray so openly to the world. Troy Pes stated that he wanted to use his social platforms to prove to younger generations that “you can be gay and happy.”

That’s cute and everything, but perhaps the best way to convey happiness to younger, impressionable generations isn’t posting near-nude photos of one and his boyfriend’s perfect bodies, holidaying here, there, and everywhere. In fact, we’d argue that those messages are possibly making kids feel worse. But everyone sees things from their own perspective, so hopefully, they’ll see past the filters to an out, proud and happy couple.

Oh, and sexy – we forgot sexy. Evidence here: