There’s no denying that Home Alone was a – and still is – a classic. So there’s no surprise that the film is the latest undergoing the reboot treatment; only this one has been given a far more adult twist.

Deadpool hunk Ryan Reynolds is said to be developing his own holiday classic, Stoned Alone.

Deadline reports, the plot centres around a 20-something year-old ‘weed-growing loser’ who misses the plane for a family ski trip. Left to his own devices, he passes the time by getting baked. Sounds relatable af.

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His paranoia sets in, leading him to believe the house being broken into… All the while, the house does actually get broken into, and he has to fend off the thieves while smoked out his mind. You be lucky if I could get off my sofa, let alone defend the house from burglars.

Home Alone is one of the highest grossing comedies of all time (surpassed only by Hangover II), and Deadpool is the highest grossing R-rated movie ever… so could this be a match made in heaven? We can’t wait to hit the blunt and check it out…

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