There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding whether Love Island could – and would – produce a gay version of the hit reality show. Though producers have expressed their concern for how this would work format-wise, perhaps their demand for a gay version is higher than they think… As it’s rumoured that, not one, but two male contestants on this year’s show have had relationships with men.

Our source says: “It’s weird to see Eyal on TV. He’s definitely created another persona for himself. I’ve met him at numerous fashion parties, and he’s definitely dated men before.”

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Well, as he said on many occasion, he wants to get to know the person on the inside… we just didn’t realise he’d get there via their rectum.

This week also saw another Josh enter the villa and Twitter picked up on his effeminate nature straight away. (Listen, black Twitter does not miss a damn trick). After a lil’ investigation, they unearthed a snap of him with another guy on the beach over Valentine’s Day.

But since the image garnered enough attention from social media, Harry Bird – the boy who’s in the picture to the left of Josh – added on two hashtags: #bros #bestmates

Happy Valentines day bae ?❤️ #Bros #bestmates

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But we’ve all heard about what ‘bros’ do in private…

Harry has since commented saying he found the whole situation hilarious. So maybe they are just mates that have fingered each other every now and then.

One fan commented: “it’s ‘cos they don’t have a gay version of the show, he’s pretending to be straight to get fame.”

Another said: “bet he’ll get famous and then come out in a youtube vid lol”

So yeah Love Island, where’s your platform for gay men to fuck on TV and get famous for it?

To be fair, if we factor in the ones who’ve had reach around buddies, are secretly bi-curious and/or lower their inhibitions when drunk, the show is probably mostly bisexual already.