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So you know how Katy Perry kissed a girl, liked it, but you still wouldn’t call her out as a lezza? Well, apparently, men want in on this game too. In fact, Dr. Jane Ward has penned an entire book about white guys noshing each other off, in a completely straight way. OK, perhaps not completely straight. Enter: the ‘bro-job’; just two guys harmlessly helping each other out, sexually. But straight.

Confused? Well, Ward explains all in Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men. She weighs up how females are often more accepted to experimentation, without being labelled “gay”, while perhaps men have it a little harder. *ahem*. Dr. Jane delves into the world of “straight guy-on-guy action” to ask if it is actually as gay as it is perceived. We’ve all watched the porn where frat boys drunkenly fiddle with each other, or the straight guy gets slurped by the thirsty gay – but that’s as far as they go. *Throws scrunched up tissue in bin*

And to be fair, she kind of has a point. What she’s basically talking about here is experimentation. Girls can freely experiment without signing up for their lesbinim welcome pack, but if you see a guy kiss another girl and date a girl the following week, you’d automatically assume he’s in the closet. According to Ward, it’s done to “reaffirm rather than challenge their gender and racial identity” and to “authenticate their sexuality”. In laymans terms, their just dipping their helmet on the tongue toe in the water to see if it gets them going; to confirm that they are in fact straight.

By considering their ‘bro-jobs’, reach arounds and other acts of sodomy as “accidental” or “meaningless” they can partake in gay acts without being gay. But rather expressing a form a sexual fluidity that comes naturally with human nature.


[H/T: Queerty]

Image Credit: Brian Finke