They say that blood diamonds are rare, but know what’s even rarer than them? Someone that doesn’t find Jason Momoa painfully attractive. Even the other celebrities want a piece of the man mountain.

Arrow star Colton Haynes was at SanDiego Comic Con and asked who he’d most like to face in a water balloon fight. To which he replied:

“I would love to see Jason Momoa wet so I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I hate to play the gay card.” Well it’s just as well he’s playing an underwater superhero then.

Speaking of wet, somebody get the lad a glass of water, can’t you see he’s parched. Haynes was so moist as he even fanned himself down talking about the Game Of Thrones star.

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Stephen Amell then went on to divulge the story of when they previously met Momoa: “We were hanging with Jason Momoa in Birmingham and Colton goes, ‘Under no circumstances are you to introduce me to him, I will melt’. So I introduced him to Jason.”

(Wait, Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes and Jason Momoa were all in Birmingham? Shit, when did Brum get so ha-happenin’?

And even the straight host Kevin Smith was down to fuck too: “Let me tell you, Jason Momoa is not just for gay media, he’s for straight media as well man. I’d give it up for him as well!”