There has been a whoooole lotta drama surrounding Azealia Banks lately, more specifically to do with the rapper claiming RuPaul plagiarized her track Big Big Beat, before embarking on a Twitter rant (the keyboard warrior’s fave), attacking Drag Race and the queens of the show.

If you missed any of that you can catch it all here.

But Miss. Banks should know – being the all knowledgable source of queer society – that once you bite a drag queen, she’s gonna bite back. And so Bob The Drag Queen did.

“Let’s take a minute to look at all the facts, you attack women, queers and other blacks” he begins. And we particularly, think this is a relevant point. Banks is always quick to show her aggression toward a number of communities – even the ones she belongs to – but yet we never hear her support any (even the ones she belongs to).

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