After the success of all-female road-trip films such as Girl’s Trip and Bridesmaids, Netflix introduces Ibiza; a gross-out girly overseas romp that sees Harper sent to Spain for a work trip, which her irresponsible best friends tag along to.

While off her nut in a huge Spanish nightclub, Harper endures a meet-cute with irresistible DJ, Leo West. Though you might recognise him as Robb Stark. Richard Madden, who gained recognition for his role as one of the hotter Lords of Game Of Thrones, is even sexier when he’s not polishing his armour. Seriously, we were getting a semi while he still had his clothes on. And not just because of his lavish apartment, either.

We’re lucky this was on Netflix and not in the cinema, ’cause we’d have legit gone home with the nearest man.

Overall, Netflix’s bender weekender is mostly light-hearted fun, although singletons will likely pine for a man, at the very least, a hot hotel hook-up with a world renowned DJ.