As part of their Pride campaign, underwear company Andrew Christian have demonstrated their inclusivity, in naming Jesse Diamond as a face of the brand.

Jesse Diamond is the first female to male trans person to work for them, and he says it was “a dream come true for me” to become an underwear model, after aspiring to be like Mark Walhberg.

single Diamond defines his sexuality as ‘demi-sexual, queer’. He tells GSN: ‘Most women seem to think I’m really gay, but I’m like, “No, I’m queer, so it’s like I’m not totally gay,” so I don’t know. Most people seem to think I’m only interested in men.’

And just LOOK at that transformation:

Andrew Christian says: “The political environment in the United States has become very dark and divisive toward the LGBTQ community so it is extremely important that we all stick together and support each other in every way possible.

“We are so happy that we now have Jesse as part of our team.”