HBO comedy Insecure continues to build a loyal fan base as it approaches its third series, and the handsome hunks of the show stopped by the sauna for a recent shoot. BOY, if only the men that lurked in the saunas looked like that.

In the shoot for GQ, stars Jay Ellis, Sarunas Jackson, Wade Allain-Marcus, Y’lan Noel and Neil Brown Jnr. slipped into their swimwear and gym kit to pose for the playful snaps.

While Neil Brown Jr. and Wade Allain-Marcus are the only two not to have sex scenes on the show, Brown thinks it “doesn’t serve the story to have [him] butt naked”, although this could be out of loyal duty to his real-life wife. Although Allain-Marcus is “100%” down for more sex.

Read the full feature and see more snaps over at GQ.

They also weighed in on what constitutes good gym etiquette: