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MY husband has told me he is a transvestite and enjoys dressing up as a woman. It was totally unexpected and has rocked my world. We have been married for nearly 25 years and have been planning to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary.

We were at a restaurant having a cosy ­dinner to mark his birthday when he told me we needed to talk when we got home. I expected him to say he was leaving as we have not been a real couple for the past year or two. I was shocked to the core when he said he realised he is a transvestite a year ago — but worse was to come.

Our son is having an engagement party in a few weeks’ time and my husband said we’d have to stay as we are until then. We haven’t discussed it since.

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Our daughter called round to use our computer as she was having problems with hers. She wanted to check a holiday booking she’d made and my husband told her it was in the search history. She then came across some websites for transvestites that he had been on. It broke her heart and she rushed out. 

Later, my husband explained everything to her and she told him she accepts it. My son is still totally unaware though.

Since this bombshell, my husband has been sleeping in the spare room. I went in there to change the bedding and I was shocked to see women’s clothing hanging in the wardrobe. There were also boxes of wigs and jewellery hidden in boxes under the bed.

Last Friday my husband went to the pub as usual. The next morning he looked a bit odd. I could tell he had been wearing make-up and hadn’t taken it off properly.

I feel so sick as I know we are living a lie. I feel I will have to ask him to leave as I cannot live like this long-term.

Dear Feeling Sick,

Wow, honey… That was a TRIP! And that’s coming from someone who’s done acid at Disneyland. First of all, congratulations on your anniversary! You must be thrilled to know you’ve been a lesbian for the last quarter of a century.J/k miss thing…

But I’d hold off on the celebrations, just in case the only thing silver is your husband’s cocktail dress. This really is a hallmark time of year for you though; your anniversary, son’s engagement, husband’s birthday and crossdressing coming out day!

To be fair though, did you marry a man with learning difficulties? It’s the only reasoning I can think of to send your daughter trolling through your search history. Why not just shoot yourself between the eyes with a paintball gun?

But hey, the important thing is that she accepts it! Which can’t have been easy after seeing your father in last season’s colours and hooker heels on trannies4u.com.

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Considering your husband has tranformed the spare room into Ru Paul’s work room, it sounds like Sandra or whoever his female alter ego is, is coming out the closet whether you’re onboard or not. Just tell me the wigs were lace front, at least?!
(And FYI, you don’t have to change all the sheets, you’re not the only lady of the house any more).

You really only have two options here: support him – and her – or leave him. Let me ask you, is it the lie that’s making you feel sick, or the thought of your husband flossing in your lace panties? As you can always just tell your kids, all your neighbours, etc.

Perhaps if you set some ground rules: like he can’t turn up to your son’s wedding with better make-up than you, he mustn’t try to squeeze his size 10s into your slinky Chanel throwbacks, and no sleeping with your ex’s. There will obviously be plus sides too; you’ll basically double your wardrobe and never be expected to walk anywhere in stilettos ever again.

But forget the lies, and the (momentarily) the kids: do you love him? And can you accept this side of him? These are the only queens you need to ask. Aside from, “honey, where did you get these earrings, they’re fabulous?!”

Good luck! xoxo