While it goes without saying that the students of Riverdale High are wrestling with a lot of emotions, in the next episode they take to wrestling each other. And we’re OK with that.

Protagonist and fan fave Archie, (K J Apa) manages to keep his shirt on in this scene, but writers have managed to ensure that he continues turns on every gay guy tuned in.

You can practically smell the sexual tension and teenage pheromones.


Gay character Kevin (Casey Cott) also sports a slinky lycra ensemble, but we feel like he probably just brought one from his closet.

Veronica’s dad, Harim, (Mark Consuelos) also gets in on the action when him an Archie grapple until one of them pins the other down. Hmm, we think we’ve seen this episode on Sean Cody. Although, who would be complaining about close contact with Mr. Lodge?